Field Trip to “Dinner Church” on November 5 

What is Dinner Church? It’s where people worship around dinner tables. They don’t have a steeple. They don’t have pews. They have a table, and will set a place for you.

Why Dinner Church? Trends in church participation across the United States show a decline in attendance among those who have attended church in the past, as well as a lack of engagement from the majority of younger generations. There is hope for the spiritual future of North America. Yet often, newer, emerging ways of “doing church” look and feel really weird to those who were raised in the church.  

In order to re-engage these populations, we may have to reimagine church as we have known it. Experimentation is key to finding the best ways to invite the non-churched or those disillusioned with church into a relationship with God. For all these reasons, SUM invites you to try out Dinner Church.

On Tuesday, November 5, we are going on a field trip retreat to Worcester, Massachusetts, to Simple Church! Simple Church is a Methodist Dinner Church that meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Garden Fresh Courthouse Cafe in Worcester. Let’s join them for fellowship around the table together! 

To arrive in time, we’ll need to leave Simsbury at 4:30 p.m.  

More details and carpool options are on the sign-up sheets in Wesley Hall.

If this article piqued your curiosity, check out the Simple Church website.