Please use this list to contact various SUM staff members and volunteers. Soon, the old “” emails will no longer work. 

·      Pastor Gene Ott:

·      Deacon Deb Clifford:

·      Deb Reid, Office Manager:

·      Jen Acheson, Staff-Parish Relations:

·      Dorothy Cowles, Contemporary Music Director - :

·      Clayton Cutler, Finance:

·      Deb Dunn, Outreach:

·      Heidi Fitzsimmons, Hospitality:

·      Lori Catlin Garcia, Webmaster:

·      Bruce Hale, Church Council:

·      Sue and Mike Sames, South Park Inn:

·      Sandy Lipscomb, Worship:

·      Rudy Maurer, Trustees:

·      Charlie Mayer, Treasurer:

·      Kari Miller, Organist:

·      Beth Nelson/Susan Samuel,

·      Erin Ott, Youth Director:

·      Heather Ryan, Messenger Editor:

·      Sammy Samuel, Financial Secretary:

·      Bridget Scarlato, Music Director:

·      Robert Shea:

·      Jody Swan, Church School Coordinator: